Upcoming Events

Excited to learn more about Industry 4.0 and how you can adopt it? Want to participate in discussions tackling business problems, technology transformations and how to support your people? Sign up for our events!

IHCI Day @ Digital Capability Centre Singapore

Interested to learn more about the IHCI? Join us for a 1-hour tour of an I4.0 model factory, experience demos of IoT solutions used on the IHCI, and get a glimpse of essential Human Capital practices needed for successful transformation.

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Quarterly Masterclasses

Join our learning sessions for companies to learn more about Industry 4.0-related topics, such as how to establish a business case for Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology investment, prioritise use-cases for your company, and synthesise digital transformation with Human Capital management. Watch this space for our next masterclass!

End-of-Cohort Celebration

Join us as we celebrate the completion of Enabler Programme cohorts. We will be looking back on companies' Enabler journeys, showcasing success stories, and sharing how graduated companies can move forward to achieve their vision for I4.0 transformation. Watch this space for our next End-of-Cohort Celebration!