What is the Enabler Programme

Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative: Enabling Business, Technology, and Organisation Transformation

Launched in March 2020, the Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative taps on the expertise of consultants from McKinsey & Company and Ernst & Young to promote i4.0 transformation across three core elements - business, technology, and organisation.

It offers an affordable pathway for companies to kickstart or enhance their i4.0 journey through an eight-week programme that provides a low-cost, risk-free, and conducive environment for companies to get a taste of successful i4.0 implementation. To date, the programme has engaged over 100 companies and impacted more than 2,000 workers across 10 sectors including food manufacturing, precision engineering, and marine & offshore.

• To know more about the IHCI Enabler Programme, please download the information deck below.
• To arrange for a complimentary consultation at your shopfloor/facility, please complete the form via the ‘register your interest' tab below.
• To speak to one of our experienced consultants, you can reach us via [email protected] 
IHCI Enabler Programme Information Deck (pdf)
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Build awareness of Industry 4.0

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Experience a 3-day awareness bootcamp at the Digital Capability Center, that covers:

  • Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Transformation enablers
  • Human Capital Management practices and tools
Step 2
intervention 1

Prepare interventions

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  • Identify the most relevant areas to leverage the Industry 4.0 tools
  • Install trial Internet of Things (IOT) solutions on-site and conduct initial diagnostics
Step 3

Experience transformation

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  • Identify productivity improvements and solutions to capture at least 10% increase in productivity
  • Identify Human Capital Management practices needed to sustain transformation
Step 4
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Validate and move forward

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  • Validate productivity impact and plan for implementation/scale-up
  • Develop customised transformation roadmaps

Why should you join?

Group 84

Work with experienced Industry 4.0 and human capital experts.

Group 111

Diagnose and identify priority areas for at least 10% improvement in productivity.


Trial Industry 4.0 solutions in a low-risk setting.

benefit 1

Design critical human capital practices to support and sustain transformation.

Group 112

Receive a tailored transformation roadmap and EDB's SIRI assessment.

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Join the Enabler Alumni Network, where you will check-in with the project team, meet with other companies, exchange ideas and share best practices.

What does it cost?

With up to 90% funding support from Workforce Singapore (WSG), the IHCI Enabler Programme provides a low-cost, safe environment for companies to discover what it takes to achieve success in Industry 4.0 transformation. Companies that register for the earlier cycles will receive early bird discounts.

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