Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About IHCI Enabler Programme

What is the IHCI Enabler Programme about?

The IHCI Enabler Programme is an eight-week programme that focuses on helping manufacturing companies understand and experience – in a controlled and low-risk environment – how they can:

  • Enhance operations with Industry 4.0
  • Optimise returns on their Industry 4.0 implementations with effective human capital management

As part of the programme, companies will learn how to identify and address critical productivity gaps at specific manufacturing lines in their factories. Companies will be able to trial selected Industry 4.0 solution(s) at these manufacturing lines and understand how effective human capital management can maximise the success and profitability of introducing Industry 4.0 to their operations.

Upon completion, companies will be equipped with a personalised Industry 4.0 and human capital transformation roadmap to expand the implementation of Industry 4.0 beyond the pilot.

Throughout the programme, companies will be guided by the appointed consultants: McKinsey & Company and Ernst & Young.

For what kind of companies is the IHCI Enabler Programme relevant?

The IHCI Enabler Programme is suitable for manufacturing companies that:

  • Are thinking of adopting Industry 4.0; or
  • Have embarked on their Industry 4.0 journeys; or
  • Are facing difficulties in scaling and sustaining the implementation of their Industry 4.0 initiatives
What is the duration of the IHCI Enabler Programme? When will the programme commence?

Over eight weeks, companies will undergo a four-step journey to understand what it takes to successfully adopt Industry 4.0 and the relevant human capital practices:

  • Build awareness – Via a three-day bootcamp at McKinsey’s Digital Capability Center in Singapore
  • Diagnose and install - Identify the most relevant areas to leverage Industry 4.0 solutions, and install trial solutions on-site
  • Experience transformation - Identify productivity improvements, initial measures and human capital practices to sustain the transformation
  • Validate and move forward - Quantify project impact and develop customised roadmaps

The first cohort of SMEs commenced their Enabler programme journey in March 2020.

Who in the company will need to be involved in the programme?

For the best outcome, it is important for companies to secure commitment from the senior management particularly for:

  • The three-day Bootcamp at the start of the programme
  • Scheduled availability throughout the eight-week programme

Key personnel include the CEO, Head of Operations and Head of Human Resources.

What happens after companies complete the IHCI Enabler Programme?

Upon completion, companies will receive a personalised company-level transformation roadmap. This will enable them to scale-up their Industry 4.0 and human capital implementation efforts after the programme.

All companies will have one to two post-programme follow-ups with the IHCI project team. They will also be inducted into the Enabler Alumni Network, where they will have opportunities to meet with other companies, exchange ideas and share best practices.

About the Programme Fees and Government Grants

How much is the programme fee?

Each Singapore-registered company, as defined by its Unique Entity Number (UEN), will be eligible to tap on a Workforce Singapore (WSG) Grant for the IHCI Enabler Programme (Eligible only once). The grant amount varies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Non-SMEs.

SMEs1 will be funded at 90% while non-SMEs will be funded at 70% of the programme fees. Companies must complete the programme – denoted by a post program report and a certificate of completion – in order to qualify for the WSG Grant. Early bird discounts will be given to the first two cohorts of the programme.

Table 1: Fee for the IHCI Enabler Programme (on a Per Company Basis & Excluding GST)

Subsided fee Unsubsidised Fee
Type of Company 1st Cohort (Mar 2020)
More than 50% early bird discount
2nd Cohort (Jul 2020)
30% early bird discount
3rd Cohort Onwards      S$63,250
SME S$2,750 S$4,400 S$6,325
Non-SME S$8,250 S$13,200 S$18,975
 Subsided fee
   SME  Non-SME
 1st Run (Mar 2020)
More than 50% early bird discount
 S$2,750  S$8,250
 2nd Run (Jul 2020)
30% early bird discount
 3rd Run Onwards  S$6,325
 Unsubsidised Fee

Companies that wish to attend the IHCI Enabler Programme more than once may do so. However, they will have to pay the unsubsidised fee(s).

1 To enjoy the SME subsidy at 90%, the company must (i) be registered and operating in Singapore; (ii) have minimum 30% local shareholding; and (iii) have Group annual sales turnover not more than S$100 million; OR Group employment size not more than 200 workers.
Is there a referral programme?

Yes. Referrers will be entitled to a S$500 referral bonus for each company that has not yet participated in the programme and successfully completes the programme – denoted by a post programme report and a certificate of completion. If there is more than one party that refers this company, the S$500 referral bonus will be shared amongst the referring parties.

Do companies have to pay the full programme fees upfront before applying for the subsidy?

Companies are only required to pay the nett fee (amount after subsidy where applicable) upfront. Full payment of the nett fee must be made two weeks before the commencement of the programme.

Participating companies will be required to reimburse SBF the grant subsidy in the event they do not complete the programme successfully - denoted by a post programme report and certificate of completion.

For companies that own several subsidiaries - are the subsidiaries eligible to qualify for the grant provided?
Funding will be eligible for subsidiaries which are recognised by the respective unique UENs.
Will the IHCI Enabler Programme conflict with other government grant applications?
The IHCI Enabler Programme does not conflict with other government-funded programmes. Participating companies in the midst of grant applications with other agencies can continue with their applications, and if required, should inform relevant agencies of their participation in the IHCI Enabler Programme.
If companies have paid for the programme fees but are unable to commit due to unforeseen circumstances, are they allowed to defer to the next cohort instead?
Yes, companies that have completed payment may defer participation to the next cohort with a valid reason. Companies must inform the IHCI project team at least two weeks prior to the start of the Bootcamp, where an additional top-up fee may be levied depending on the cohort.

About the Industry 4.0 Digital Solutions Offered in the IHCI Enabler Programme

What are the Industry 4.0 digital solutions offered in the IHCI Enabler Programme?
The IHCI Enabler Programme offers a mix of solutions across Digital Performance Management, Digital Standard Operating Procedures and Manufacturing Analytics. The most suitable tools will be selected for each company based on relevance and availability of required data.
What if a company has already installed digital solutions?
The IHCI project team will assess this on a case-by-case basis to determine if further solutions are needed to complement the existing ones.
What happens to the installed solution(s) at the end of the programme?

At the end of the eight-week programme, the solutions will be uninstalled. If companies are keen to continue with the same solution(s) they have experienced, they will be referred to the relevant solutions providers, whom they can engage for discussions on further implementation and scale-up.

Companies interested in the solutions installed during the programme may also apply for the relevant Government grants (e.g. the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), WorkPro, Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) etc.) to support and scale-up their initiatives. Visit the GoBusiness Gov Assist Portal to find out more.

About Upgrading Company's Human Capital Capabilities

How will the IHCI Enabler Programme upskill employees to use the digital solution(s) effectively?
As part of the programme, companies will work closely with human capital experts on redesigning work activities for roles impacted by the digital solution(s) implementation through job shadowing, interviews and leveraging toolkits. Depending on the diagnostics results, participants will learn about best in class practices and the relevant human capital practices on talent attraction, learning & development, compensation & benefits, and career planning to augment their Industry 4.0 transformation.
What kind of support is available for Human Resource teams to improve workforce management?

The IHCI Enabler Programme includes a full assessment using the Human Capital Diagnostic Tool endorsed by WSG and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), where companies will understand the maturity level of their human resources practices benchmarked against other similar companies. Results will be used to help companies create a development roadmap to improve their workforce management capabilities.

Participating companies will also be able to tap on the expertise and insights from Institute for Human Resource Professionals’ (IHRP) Certified Master Professionals and Senior Professionals when they are deploying human capital initiatives.

What if companies need extra support for human capital beyond the IHCI Enabler Programme?
At the end of the Enabler Programme, companies will join the Enabler Alumni Network to network and share key learnings. In addition, there will be one to two follow up consulting sessions with the IHCI project team.